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WordPress Website Security 24/7 Available

We Provide WordPress Website Security, the base of data and archives has been transformed into an essential part of all negatives in the language.

WordPress Website Security

The decision to provide WordPress Website Security Services exclusively for the purpose of analyzing the web site in particular, to secure and monitor it, and to provide security updates. This is because the party continues to work perfectly on the orbit of the clock to achieve the end of peace and stability from the support of opportunities in the form of a serious counter-threat or a potential threat or attack of random researchers or inventions.

Promoting WordPress services in particular, especially from all aspects of security, including the protection of the protection wall, the elimination of vulnerabilities, the maintenance of statements, the precautionary prescription and future monitoring, and so on. We also consider improving the speed of the web site in particular, and correcting all errors as part of the service.

From time to time there are opportunities on the web that are priced at reasonable prices, shifting opportunities to real parts. Find out all the details of the day and the appropriate time for the occasion also check our WordPress Website Speed Optimization

WordPress Security Statistics

  • There are approximately 686 million cybercrime victims every year. Astonishingly, that is over 1.6 million cyber victims per day.
  • In 2009, approximately 89,000 WordPress websites got hacked.
  • That number was increased to 190,000 by 2014 and kept on scaling up every year.
  • It is reported that in 2016 more than 420,000 websites got cracked. 

This alarming scale increased with the number of websites coming every day. Basically, WordPress is vulnerable to security attacks. About 500+ vulnerabilities are related to WordPress alone, not to mention other content management systems or platforms. In addition, it is estimated that 20 of the top 50 WordPress plugins suffer from various web attacks such as MySQL injections, cross-site scripting, and brutal attacks. Also note that 70% of the top 10 eCommerce WordPress plugins are also vulnerable to attacks. In a nutshell, this is a very serious topic to consider.

Why WordPress Website Security?

Web Hosting Providers Closes Hacked Accounts
For security reasons, web hosting providers are obliged to close or suspend your account if it got cracked. Some would give you few days to sort the issue out, but it is never enough to recover your damaged databases or files.
Hacked Websites Get Blacklisted By Search Engines
When your website collects malware, it won’t be safe for search engines to list you anymore. They will block you or even deindex you completely from their systems.
Hacked Websites Get Into Legal Issues
If the hackers replaced your site with some fraud offers, they will be associating those illegal acts with your name and brand. You might get into serious legal issues out of that.

WordPress Website Security Service Features


Database Security

Complete Website File Systems and Databases Security.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring 24/7

Our security experts will help you with everything you need.


CDN Integration

Free content delivery network (CDN) setup

Website Speed Up

We provide best possible speed to wordpress websites

Security & Malware Scans

Malware Removal

Effective Malware Detection, Prevention and Removal.

WordPress Updates

Complete WordPress Security

Covering all aspects of web security.

Theme Updates

Block Bad Queries

Expertly block bad queries, hotlinks, and fake internet bots.

Google Analytics

Setup real time reports and analytics

WordPress Website Security Services - We Do

  • Scan your Website for Malware, Viruses and Spam
  • Conceal Your WordPress
  • Secure your Database
  • Secure your .htaccess file
  • Secure your File Systems
  • Secure your Login Page
  • Backups Setup
  • Deny the Bad Query Strings
  • Block all Hotlinks
  • Enable the Advanced Character String Filter
  • Check your (robots.txt) file
  • Add HTTP Security Headers
  • Protection against Spam comments and Trackbacks
  • Protection against all Vulnerabilities and Loopholes
  • Protection against all XSS Attacks
  • Protection against all Code Injections
  • Protection against Brute Force Attacks
  • Protection against Fake Internet Bots
  • Protection against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
  • Install and Configure an Advanced Firewall
  • Activate the 6G Firewall Security Protection Rules
  • Optional Installation and Integration of the CloudFlare CDN
  • Daily Security Updates
  • Continuous Monitoring for Malware
  • Security Badges and Trust Seals
  • Free Complete WordPress Speed Optimization
  • Free Business and Security Consultation
  • Free Dedicated Technical Support

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WordPress Website Security
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this service ?

Instantly secure your website. Website Security help in covering the basics but without proper analysis and custom work, your website won’t be properly secured. Every website is different. We treat every website as a unique case in order to secure it the right way.

How do you secure my site?
It is a long process that involves analysis and custom work. We also have our own private security plugins that we use along with lots of custom work to achieve the best possible results.
Do you also speed up my site?
Yes, we will also speed up your site and maximize its performance.
Do you provide refunds?
If we can’t fulfill your order, we will surely issue a full refund. However, no refunds will be available after delivery.
Do you provide reports?
Yes, all of our services are white-labeled. You can easily resell any service we offer.