Xbox Live Gold is getting a big price hike – TechCrunch

What Microsoft feels in an attempt to kick some bad news under the rug on Friday Announced this morning The price of Xbox Live Gold is increasing.

Here’s how price changes break down:

  • The one-month plan is going from $ 10 per month to $ 11.
  • The three-month plan is going from $ 25 to $ 30.
  • The six-month plan is running from $ 40 to $ 60 – but only for new customers, Microsoft says.

“But what about the twelve-month plan? Didn’t they offer them? “

They did It was $ 60 – or the price that a six-month subscription would now go. They stopped selling Twelve months plan in July of the previous month, Probably because this change was on the horizon and they would have to accept at the price tag that 12 months of live gold would cost $ 120.

Good News: Price increase on six-month plan only affects new customers. If you’ve already got a six-month subscription (or grandfathered into an auto-renewal twelve-month subscription), Xbox Support confirmed in a tweet that the price won’t increase:

If you are on a month or three months plans, it seems that you are paying a new price.

So why do costs collide? Microsoft does not officially underline their reasoning (pointing out that they have not increased the price in years, or in some areas for a decade), but one might assume that it is at least partially $ 15 is a month to make an Xbox game pass (which bundles Xbox Live Gold with a library of all-you-can-eat, on-demand titles) that is even more appealing.