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Here is another version “Dear Sophie,” an advice column that answers immigration-related questions about working in technology companies.

“Your questions are critical to the spread of knowledge that allows people around the world to rise above boundaries and chase their dreams,” says Sophie Alcorn, A Silicon Valley immigration lawyer. “Whether you are an ops, a founder or looking for a job in Silicon Valley, I would love to Answer your questions In my next column. “

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Dear Sophie:

I am at the people’s option and our team is trying to plan for immigration in the new year and beyond.

What’s next for US Visa and Green Card?

-Ready in Redwood City

Dear ready:

Yes! I like this. Well, although I do not have a crystal ball (yet), there is a lot of opportunity, forecast and security that we can anticipate for further immigration.

Our US immigration policy will experience tremendous growth in the coming months as Trump finishes his regulatory agenda, lawsuits, and on January 20, Biden takes over. The changes I am tracking will encourage American companies to build and retain top global talent and willpower. It becomes easier for them to do so. Opportunities are going to increase for families and founders strengthening the US and Silicon Valley tech startup communities.

We can speculate that the first 100 days of President-Elect Biden will focus on undoing many Trump-era immigration changes. Some of it will be required to follow the procedures laid down in the legislation through the Executive Order (though perhaps not the tweets!) And the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). The APA regulates the process by which federal agencies develop and issue regulations.

Following procedures for repealing or modifying previously applicable rules – even on an expedient basis – it takes time to allow for adequate review and public comments. We can speculate that the due process will appear to affect these changes.