What the hell is an AI factory?

If you follow the news of Artificial Intelligence, you will get two diversifying threads. Media and cinema often portray AI Human capabilities, Massive unemployment, and a possible robotic apocalypse. On the other hand, scientific conferences discuss progress. Artificial common sense Accepting that Current ai is weak And is incapable of many basic functions of the human mind.

But wherever they stand compared to human intelligence, today’s AI algorithms have already been created A defined component for multiple fields, Including health care, finance, manufacturing, transportation, and many more. And very soon “no field of human endeavor will be independent of artificial intelligence”, as Harvard Business School professors Marco Insity and Karim Lakhani point out in their book Compete in the age of AI: Strategy and leadership when algorithms and networks drive the world.

In fact, weak AI has already led to the growth and success of companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, and is affecting the daily lives of billions of people. As Lakhani and Inyanshi discuss in their book, “We don’t need an ideal human replica to prioritize content on social networks, create a perfect cappuccino, analyze customer behavior, set optimal value, or here Until, of course, paint in style. Of Rembrandt. Incomplete, weak AI is already enough to change the nature of companies and how they operate. “

Startups that understand the rules for running AI-driven businesses are able to create new markets and disrupt traditional industries. Established companies that have adapted themselves to the age of AI have survived and thrived. Those who fell into the old ways after losing their ground to companies that exploited the power of AI, either ceased to exist or were marginalized.

One of the many topics Iansiti and Lakhani discuss is AI contacts, the key ingredient that enables companies to compete and grow in the age of AI.

What is AI factory?

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