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Roblox sets its direct list price at its final private price, both of which Wall Street will pay

As soon as roblox started To trade today, the company’s shares shot above its reference price of $ 45 per share. Currently, Roblox is trading at $ 71.10 per share, which is more than 60% below the reference price it announced last night. That effort finally Set a directional price on shares of Robox before floating on the public markets.

Robox, a gaming company aimed at children and driven by an internal economy and third-party development activity, is a big case if there is an exciting path to public markets. Company initially Intends to list in a traditional IPO, But sent some public-offering value after enthusiastic market conditions Shares they started trading after, Robox Hit break.

Pre startup then A series of capital raised H round, A $ 520 million investment that increased the value of Roblox from approximately $ 4 billion to $ 29.5 billion. TechCrunch mocked $ 4 billion worth of IPO by calling IPO wrong Set in early 2020 Given the real theft, the company was valued after just one year. Sure, the epidemic was good for Robox, but was thrilling to see the 5x reunion in four quarters.

whatever happens. Roblox’s direct listing, at $ 45 per share The reference Price, the company was valued at $ 29.1 billion, Per renaissance capital, An IPO-focused group. Baron’s Placed the number At $ 29.3 billion. Never mind they are closer to the truth Both Right next to the last personal value of the company.

Therefore, Series H investors redeemed the value of Robox, or the company only tied its reference price to that price. Either way, we had a clear series H. Handoff of direct listing reference value.

The company’s performance today makes that effort somewhat futile as both prices were wildly poised to make traders cough during the first day of trading; Naturally, we will keep an eye on its price over time, and one day is not a trend, but seeing Roblox trading well above its direct listing reference price And The final private valuation appears to underpin the argument that such an initiation may settle the pricing issues inherent in more traditional IPOs.

However, to understand the company’s initial trading activity, we need to understand how well Roblox has performed in Q4 2020. When we Based on final company valuation, We only had data through the third quarter of the previous year. now we have Data as of December 31, 2020. Let’s see how much Robel evolved in that last period, and if that helps explain how the company managed that epic series H Markup.

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