We need to make remote meetings more boring in 2021

It has been a difficult year of axing, remote working and conceptualization of the ‘new normal’. But as we enter a new year, it is time to take stock of how we have worked professionally and what we will do with us in 2021.

So when was the last good life? Was it when you were spending time with your colleagues by watercooler or with your loved ones? No, it was when you were watching Office – And therein lies our solution for the next year.

With new vaccines on the horizon, things are looking brighter and we will probably be able to return to many of our pre-Corona traditions. But despite this, the entrepreneur and business community are obsessed with the idea that the ‘new normal’ is to live here.

But my problem with the ‘new normal’ is that it seems very best. Companies and startups aim to fully open remote work, complete asynchronous work, and guarantee increased productivity with the flexibility to work during your personal ‘peak performance’ hours.

All this is missing a basic thing, which is a basic, a permanent ‘normal’: boredom.

We are far from being perfect beings, so I believe that we will always need to work at certain flaws in our operations. Now how do we achieve this? Removing a page from Office Playbook.

So here’s my * fuego * on how to do the ‘new normal’ thing: have remote meetings Even boring.

Divisive and brave, I know. Not sure ‘Hero’ is the right word to describe me, but I get it when you read it.

Before I leave some wisdom on you, just let me be clear: I’m not saying that endless zoom calls are not hopeless and terrible, it’s just that they don’t arrive Peak boring, Where its beauty continues. They are just half-ass boring.

It’s all too easy just turn off your camera, surf the web, check messages and tweets, and adopt the very mindless internet habits you use to fill every other void in your life.

what’s wrong with that? Okay, let me tell you, instead of embracing the ban of meeting, we can rest in the existential fear because we are highly agitated. It’s not just me saying, it’s Science (Maybe).

Office However, we were taught in-person meetings, which prevented you from coming into existence directly, because you are too busy, you had to come out of a life-long meeting. When you see the light in each other’s eyes between you and your co-workers, you slowly come out in the same way, the principle on which the modern world was built …

And here’s how you can capture that feeling: BOUNCING DVD LOGO SITE!

As when Office Gang watch Whether a DVD icon can hit the corner of the screen, You can do the same with it in your next zoom call Clean little site.

As mathematicians have shown, people Really can Hit a corner On DVD players. But what’s hard about the site is that you can adjust the window size yourself and the logo will change its bouncing accordingly – adding a whole new exciting layer to your boredom.

Credit: Bill green