Walmart to host a new live stream shopping event on TikTok, following successful pilot – TechCrunch

In December, Walmart partnered with TikTok First pilot trial of a new livestreamed shopping experience In the US on the video platform. That test fared well, as Walmart announced today that it would return to Tickcock to host another livestream shopping event, the “Spring Shop-Egg: Beauty Edition”, in which Ticktock’s creators and influencers were featured in an hourlong livestream Will facilitate

The retailer did not reveal the extent to which its first Tiktok live shopping event halted sales, but noted that it garnered 7 times more views than it had anticipated, and that its Tiktok The follower was able to increase the base by 25%. These metrics were encouraging enough to send Walmart back to the platform for another time – this time, to promote beauty products rather than apparel, which was the focus of the holiday livestream.

The new Spring Shop-Along will run on Walmart Tickcock Channel on Thursday, March 11 at 9 pm EST. Like the pre-holiday event, the new Livestream shopping event will see various Titok creators joining in to talk and showcase their favorite items. A participating producer has already been announced: Gabby Morrison (@ Gabymore) Who have more than 3.5 million Tickcock followers.

Image Credit: Walmart

Gabby and others will showcase their skincare, makeup and hair routines, and they will unveil Walmart’s beauty products during a 60-minute live event. Featured beauty brands will include NYX, Maybelline, The Lip Bar, Bliss, Kim Kimble and Marc Jacobs fragrances.

Viewers watching the event will be able to shop for the products shown in the TickTalk app directly by getting beauty tips as well as tapping on the product “Tick”. This will allow them to add items to their cart that they can also see during or after the event.

In a statement about Walmart’s plans, TikTok Global Business Solutions president Blake Chandley said, “Brands have found a unique home on TicTalk that speaks to the community and inspires engagement, whether it Taking part in trends or discovering new products. “

“With a showable livestream experience, it is exciting to see how the Tiktok community falls in love with their favorite creators and discovers new products. Chandra said, “We continue to create new ways to walk the path from discovery to shopping and brands like Walmart bring their creativity to the users.

Walmart had already indicated its interest in leveraging TicketLock for e-commerce beyond the livestream of the holiday. In particular, it Had planned to invest in TikTok When the video app was threatened with a ban under the Trump administration, until it sold its American operations to an American company. This forced sale, which will phase out Ticketok’s US business for new owners Oracle and Walmart. Removed For some time as Biden’s administration review Agency action under Trump.

Image Credit: Screenshot of Walmart’s TikTok channel during the 2020 holidays

Livestreamed shopping is an area of ​​growing interest and investment in the US. This trend has led to a number of startups in the market, including NTWRK And recently funded Bambusar And Popshop live, among others. Big tech companies are also participating – including mobile video and live video purchases.

Belongs to google R&D Project Shoploop was for mobile video shopping Integrated in search. Facebook acquires video shopping startup Packaged To build live shopping, and heavily invested In video shopping Throughout Facebook And instagram. Amazon runs live shopping through it QVC-like Amazon Live. Alibaba (AliExpress) WeChat And TikTok’s Chinese sister app, Doyen, all supports mobile video shopping.

Walmart had said that its plan to partner with TickTalk on Livestream Shopping did not result in deal negotiations, however – it has been an active brand on TickTalk’s platform for more than a year. Retailer too Tasked his employees to make TikTok videos, In addition to running its own TikTok channel.

Reached for comment, the retailer declined to provide further metrics about its first livestream on TikTok, but pilot testing felt to exceed expectations.

“After the first estimate we were happy with 7X more views than anticipated and a 25% increase in the growth of TickTalk’s followers. We were also happy with a smooth checkout experience, ”a spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We are not able to share sales numbers, but can share that we hit further projections from the event.”

Following this week’s live shopping event, Walmart says it plans to bring more shopping experiences to Tiktok in the coming months, so that partnerships with creators continue to highlight different products through different formats Can be kept