Voyager Space Holdings to acquire majority stake in commercial space leader Nanoracks – TechCrunch

Wazer space holdings Nanorax’s parent company continues to build its portfolio of strategic space service offerings with the acquisition of a majority stake in XO Markets. Nanorax has now provided commercial space services for years, and most recently provided the Bishop Airlock which was installed on the International Space Station. Bishop is the first dedicated commercial permanent airlock on the ISS, and will provide a major increase in capabilities in terms of providing access to private small satellites and orbital platform for research.

This is Vyjar’s third major acquisition this year, followed by a majority stake in The Launch Company, a subsidiary that provides services and hardware to facilitate launches, and which works with companies including Relativity is. Firefly Aerospace And the Virgin Orbit. Wager too Pioneer Astronautics (An R&D company that works on propulsion, fuel, rapid prototyping, and more) in 2020, as well as Altius Space Machines in 2019. Altius is a startup that works on technology for on-orbit satellite servicing.

Nanorax is probably its highest-profile acquisition, as the company has been involved in more than 1,000 ISS projects, spanning from platform to station research and small satellite launches as well as other orbital and deep space missions. Nanoracks built a commercial space testing platform outside the ISS and will be demonstrating a technology on a SpaceX mission next year that can be used to eventually transform the launched upper stages into orbital commercial mini space stations.

Vyzer Space Holdings continues its strategic acquisition of new space companies, creating a portfolio that can offer customers more ‘full-service’ solutions than any of these individual companies. The commercial details of these arrangements are not shared, but they are increasingly represented for large companies to address elements of the commercial space sector at large.