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Our last column of the year

Last 12 months Has given us astounding ascension and surprising elevation. In Startup Bhoomi, there were dashed expectations in March followed by huge expectations in January and February.

Faced with those crises after April’s disappointment, he surprised optimism from May to June, and finally, shot a direct shot all the way to the moon through December.

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have had enough. But it’s all behind us. We no longer need to spend much time thinking about 2020. We need to look forward.

This morning, I have compiled notes on what’s coming. We have notes Of GGV Hans Tung On the 2021 IPO market, Of sapphire Seeder Clarkson What fundraising will happen for Vice Chancellors next year, and a prophecy Pitchbook analyst team He caught my eye.

it is the end Exchange column For 2020. Thanks for reading so I can have fun at my job every day. Now, to work!


We will start with the IPO market of 2021, only because many of you have cared for it a lot this year.

Hans Tung, GGV and an investor Recent additional crunch live guests, Is an investor with an international perspective and a good read on global startup liquidity. So, when I went to catch him on the phone last week, I wanted to know his reading in the 2021 IPO market.

Given that we have seen a number of blockbuster IPOs this year, I expected it to be an active start to the year. correct.

But Tung said that while Q1 can be very busy, Q2 can present a lull. Why? Tung expects the IPO to fail in Q4 2020 to end work in the first quarter of next year. This explains why the first quarter is busy. But why the recession in the subsequent three months?