Vá! 3 billion years ago, Mars looked a lot like Iceland

MOre three billion years ago, Mars was home to vast oceans, and a new study suggests that this world may seem familiar at once – especially to the inhabitants of Iceland.

Curiosity Rover has been searching for a Gayle crater on Mars since 2012. A careful examination of the geology of the Gael crater reveals what resembles modern Iceland in that region.

Curiosity Has been investigating Maidstone for more than eight years. However, that analysis cannot reveal the conditions above the sample where sediment was produced.

“On ancient rivers and streams, Mars physically and chemically alters the surface, then transports and deposits sediment, resulting in the production of sedimentary rock in downstream valleys, as we see in the remnants of the Gayle Crater, “The researchers described in a published paper JGR Planet.

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