Uber loses gig workers rights challenge in UK Supreme Court – TechCrunch

Uber has lost the challenge of a long-running employment tribunal in the UK Supreme Court – the court rejected and reaffirmed the appeal of the ride-hailing giant Earlier rules The drivers who brought the case are workers, not independent contractors.

Case which Dates of 2016, There are major disruptions to Uber’s business model in the UK – and possibly regionally, as similar challenges run in European courts.

EU legalists are also actively eyeing conditions for gig workers, so policymakers were already facing pressure to clarify the law surrounding gig work – today’s ruling only. This much increases.

UK Supreme Court may decide Found here.

We reached out to Uber for comment.

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In recent times – and in anticipation of this decision – Uber has kicked off a Lobbying effort Call for the end of the platform’s work in Europe.

Uber argues that platform hands are tied to employment laws without carving out how far they can go to give workers a better deal.

It says that it is pushing for some of the same ‘principles’ as reflected in the initiative of Prop 22 Ballot, which rides Uber and Lyft, which spend hundreds of millions of dollars in California , Which is going on Make a carving for delivery and transportation work From the employment recapture there last year.

However, Uber’s response to the EU white paper This weekThe academic research group, Fairwork, accused him of undermining his ability to make changes to improve working conditions on his platform.

Instead, it was said that the tech giant is trying Platforms accord a lower level of legitimacy to workers than most European workers – urging lawmakers to focus on increasing and strengthening employment protection, not watering them.