Twitter permanently bans President Trump – TechCrunch

President Trump was permanently suspended Twitter Friday. In Declaration, The company cited the “risk of further flare-up of violence” and the president’s previous change on stage.

Twitter wrote, “In the context of this week’s horrific events, we made it clear Wednesday that additional violations of Twitter rules would potentially lead to action.” “… We have made it clear that these accounts are not above our rules and cannot use Twitter to incite violence.”

Twitter on Wednesday suspended President Trump’s account until he deleted three tweets that the platform violated its rules. Trump’s account was Set to activate 12 hours after those deletions, And that Returned to the platform Thursday night with a video in which he appeared for the first time acknowledging his electoral loss.

Like Crossed a line with twitter When he failed to condemn a group of his supporters, who staged a violent riot in the Capitol building, Congress met to authenticate the election results. In a tweet, Trump shared a video in which he encouraged the group to return home slowly, while reassuring his agitated followers that he loved them and that they were “special”.

At the time, Twitter said Trump’s tweet contained “repeated and egregious violations” of his policy on civil integrity and threatened that any future violations would result in a “permanent suspension” on the president’s account.

While facebook Took more drastic action against Trump’s account Following Wednesday’s chaotic siege on Capitol Hill, Twitter has a long history of friction with the outgoing president. In early 2020, Twitter’s decision to add a reference label calling Trump’s tweet a mail-in voting “insidious” prompted the president to craft Toothless executive order to a great extent though retaliatory Targeting social media companies.

Trump made the same complaint at the end of the year, trying to push a repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act – legislation that protects online companies from liability for user-generated content – via Congress with speed Unusual Ways.

Twitter’s move to suspend the US president from its platform on Friday is a historic and major decision that the company deferred for four years of its presidency. In the wake of Wednesday’s violence, which Trump dispatched a team of his supporters to march in the Capitol, has been visible for a long time for Tech’s largest platform. But as with the QAnon and militia movements invading the Capitol Building this week, it is too late to undo the chaos that completed four years of real-time Trump on stage.