Twitter bans former Trump adviser Michael Flynn and other QAnon figures – TechCrunch

Twitter Action was taken Friday against a pair of close associates of President Trump, banning him from the stage as part of a broader effort to contain the QAnon conspiracy movement.

Trump’s first national security adviser was Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell Both suspended Under Twitter’s “coordinated harmful activity” policy. Ron Watkins, Who previously ran 8kun (Formerly 8chan) also removed his account.

“We have clarified that we will take strong enforcement action on behavior that has the potential to cause offline harm, and in the coming days has given renewed potential for violence surrounding this type of behavior, we will permanently Will completely suspend accounts. QAnon dedicated to content sharing, ”a Twitter spokesperson told TechCrunch.

In recent months, each figure has promoted QAnon, an elaborate planetarium of conspiracy theories that President Trump is fighting a secret battle against a cabal of political enemies engaging in child sexual trafficking, among other hostile claims.

As part of Trump’s post-election legal team, Powell became Gallant person for QAnon mob, Who believes that the master plan being prepared from behind the scenes will give the president a second term. Powell also launched the Dominion Voting Machine conspiracy, which claims that the company’s equipment switched votes from Trump to Biden. Dominion Voting System Powell sued for $ 1.3 billion on false claims, Arguing that her “viral disinformation campaign” has damaged her business.

Flynn adopted the QAnon movement last year, an oath and The popular QAnon motto is “Where we go one, we all go!” Flynn has also been actively involved in Trump’s quest to reverse the results of the November election. What was a shocking scam then, Flynn Convicted for lying to FBI in 2017. Last year, the Justice Department finally dropped the federal case against Flynn and Trump Issued a pardon to his former advisor.

Of the three, Watkins is the farthest from Trump and closest to QAnon’s heart. In form of Administrator of QAnon’s Central Online Hub, Watkins played a key role in the explosion of QAnon in the lead role over the years. Beyond the category of believers, some QAnon observers believe that Ron Watkins or his father, Jim Watkins, is the mysterious “Q” figure who implements the elaborate scheme by taking out pieces of cryptic bread to QAnon’s followers.

Twitter started first Restricting QAnon content in mid-2020, Citing similar concerns over real-world damage. The new enforcement plan goes much further, and Twitter’s new commitment to permanently suspend any QAnon has a huge impact.