Trump circumvents Twitter ban to decry ‘unprecedented assault on free speech’ – TechCrunch

following a Widespread ban from twitter And several other online services following last week’s attack on the Capitol by his followers, President Trump managed to make a tweet printed as a video address on “Disaster in the Capitol” … and, of course Is their deplatforming.

In the video, Trump instructed his followers to abstain from violence, calling it a UN-American. “No true supporter of mine can ever support political violence,” he said, calling the rioters “great patriots” and calling them “we love you, you are very special”, as he did in the House and Senate. Disappointed.

He pondered after a few minutes on the subject that, after his historic impeachment, is almost certainly the most important in his mind: his main means of governance, being banned from Twitter.

“I also want to say a few words about the unprecedented attack on free speech seen in recent times,” he said, although the ban and other actions are due to the documents outlined in the platform’s rules. “Attempts to censor, cancel and blacklist our fellow citizens are wrong, and they are dangerous. Now what we need is not to listen to each other, but to silence each other. “

After Twitter suspended its @realdonaldtrump handle, Trump attempted to use some other key accounts of allies, but was swiftly shut down. It is believed that everyone should plan to join the social network as well as Parlar, which warned that it could be taken permanently offline after Amazon and other Internet infrastructure companies refused to host it. .

If you are wondering how Trump was able to initiate this one pretty previous ban of Twitter, we were curious.

Twitter techchurch states:

This tweet is not a violation of Twitter rules. As we previously clarified, other official administration accounts, including @WhiteHouse, are allowed to tweet, as long as they are not included in the display Ban removal Or share content that otherwise violates Twitter rules.

In other words, while the Trump person was banned, Trump Head of executive branch While there may still be some authority, the rest of the week he conducts the office to use Twitter as a way of communicating matters of importance to the American people.

This gives the somewhat unfortunate impression of a power move, as Twitter has put itself in a position to determine what is a meaningful broadcast and a inflammatory rip-off for violence. I have asked the company to clarify how it is determined what Trump does on this account is considered a ban theft.

Meanwhile, Trump’s surprise tweet, with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey almost Unloaded the views of 13 tweets About the situation:

I believe this was the right decision for Twitter. We faced an extraordinary and unstable situation, forcing us to focus all our work on public safety. Offline loss as a result of online speech is demonstrably real, and which elevates our policy and enforcement.

That said, banning an account has real and significant implications. Although there are clear and unambiguous exceptions, I think the ban is a failure for us to ultimately promote healthy interactions. And a time for us to reflect on our operations and our surroundings.

Jack does not come to any real conclusions nor sheds light on any new plans, but it is clear that he is thinking realistically about this. However, he notes, it would take a lot of work to establish “working with one humanity”. He envisions Twitter and the Internet as targets of a kind of vibe.