Tresl’s Segments Analytics gives small online stores the same data analytics as large sellers – TechCrunch

TrestleThe flagship product of the e-commerce intelligence platform segment analytics, is designed to deliver smaller brands on Shopify for similar online analytics to larger online retailers. Formerly established by LinkedIn data scientists, Trestle is Currently performing at CES ‘Taiwan Tech Arena.

Segment analytics analyzes the data of a Shopify store and then automatically sorts visitors into more than 30 pre-built customer segments based on their browsing habits, expenses, and the likelihood of making repeat purchases.

This means that brands can identify specific groups of shoppers and use segment analytics suggestions for targeted campaigns without spending too much on data analytics, marketing, or user acquisition. For example, a segment that identifies the platform are people who have already made a purchase, but may repurchase until they receive an advertisement or promotion soon. Section analytics can be used for advertising across multiple channels including email, Facebook, and Google.

Trestle claims that brands using segment analytics have increased their clickthrough rates on abandoned cart flows (or sent to customers who have unconfirmed items) by 30% and a month of implementing the platform. Increased sales by 40% month-on-month.

Segment analytics is currently available through the Shopify App Store, with subscriptions starting at $ 79 per month.