TransferWise rebrands as Wise ahead of an expected IPO – TechCrunch

“In ten years, Transfer It’s sensible now, “shouts the press release that landed in my in-box at the end of last week. Most recently, fintech giants Valued by private investors for $ 5 billion, Is re-branding next to An expected IPO.

Of course, the company doesn’t actually make a reference to a public listing – for regulatory reasons, it probably shouldn’t even if it wanted to – but the name change would certainly make for a more streamlined ticker, while more coarse. Typically, the new moniker shows that the decade-old company has moved beyond B2C international funding to build what it now calls the “cross-border payments network”.

“Originally launched as a money transfer service for people in 2011, the company has developed cross-border payment networks to help make international banking cheaper, faster and more enjoyable for its 10 million personal and business customers. Has expanded to create, ”explains. Transferunderstanding.

The company has come too far in the tens of years – you can see an early funding deck Here – and today processes £ 4.5 billion in cross-border transactions every month, claiming to help customers save around £ 1 billion per year in lower fees than using legacy banks.

More recently, after launching consumer and business products for a multi-currency bank account including its own debit card, Wise has started to look like a daunting bank, even though it has previously stated that There are no plans to apply for a full bank license.

Here’s how the company offers the current product line:

War – Creating the world’s most international account. Send and spend money internationally, hold money in 55 currencies and get real account numbers in 10 currencies. Customers now have more than £ 3 billion in Wise, with 1.4 million debit cards issued.

Smart business – Business account for global account, it has all the features of a personal account such as bank feed, mass payout and multi-user access. Over 1,50,000 businesses have grown smarter in the last 12 months

Wise Platform – Companies like platform banks and Monzo, GoCardless, And Zero use their customers to tap into savvy infrastructure, providing cheaper, faster payments and international banking facilities. Wise Platform is live with banks in 10 countries across 4 continents.

Q quote from Vice President and Co-Founder, Christo Käärmann: “Today our name is connecting with the person we are already building – a community of people and businesses with multi-currency lives. That community now also includes banks themselves. We have evolved to recover more than just money transfers, but the core experience of using the savvy will be faster, cheaper and convenient than anything. Our mission remains the same. We are still doing – and will always remain – money work without limits. “

Customers can already opt for the new website at “The final switchover to the brand sensible to all customers will occur in March 2021,” the company says.