TikTok rolls out new commenting features aimed at preventing bullying – TechCrunch

On the heels of the start of last week New Q&A format For creators who answer audience questions, today Tickcock Announced It is rolling out new commenting features. Producers can now control which comments can be posted to their content before making those comments live. Another new addition, aimed at commenting users, will pop up a box prompting the user to reconsider posting a comment that may be inappropriate or unkind.

Tiktok says the goal with the new facilities is to maintain a supportive, positive environment where people can focus on being creative and finding a community.

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Instead of removing reactive comments, creators using the new “Filter All Comments” feature will have to choose which comments appear on their videos instead. When enabled, they will need to approve through each comment individually using a new comment management tool.

This feature builds on TikTok’s existing comment controls, which allow creators to filter spam and other offensive comments or filter them by keywords, Similar to other social apps like Instagram.

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But filter all comments means that the comments will not go live until the producer approves them. This gives creators complete control over their presence on stage and can prevent bullying and abuse. But it can allow creators to spread misinformation without any pushback, or to act as if they are more well-liked than they really are. This can be a cause of trouble – especially since decisions about brands that manufacturers may make a misconception about the user’s choice to work to promote their products.

Other features instead will prompt users to rethink posting bad comments – meaning they appear to be bullying or inappropriate. It will also remind users of TikTok. Community Guidelines And allows users to edit their own comments before sharing.

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Such “nudges” help people slow down and give them time to think and think about what they are saying, rather than being quick to react. already, TikTok is using gem The fact that checkers cannot verify in an effort to slow down the spread of misinformation to ask users whether they want to share false claims.

It took years to signal other social networks that ask users to stop and think before posting. For example, Instagram was launched in 2010, but it About a decade later it was decided to prompt users Please reconsider before posting offensive comments. Twitter, meanwhile, Just said last month It was running another test that asks users to reconsider harmful answers. It has been running the changes of this test for almost a year.

TikTok says it is consulting with industry partners in developing its new policies and features, and also announced a partnership with today Cyberbulancing Research Center (CRC), which develops research around cyberbullying and online misuse and misuse. The company says it will collaborate with CRC to develop other initiatives going forward to help foster a positive environment.