TikTok parent ByteDance hiring for AI drug discovery team – TechCrunch

ByteDance, The Chinese parent company of TikTok is entering the healthcare industry as it attempts to diversify into a business Relying on advertising and livestreaming sales. The company, which is proud of the content algorithms, has started searching for talent in AI drug discovery through its drug pages in Mountain View, Shanghai and Beijing Shows.

“We are looking for candidates to join our team and conduct cutting-edge research in drug discovery and manufacturing powered by AI algorithms,” said one of the job postings.

The drug discovery team, which wants to fill at least five roles, including interns, Comes under ByteDance AI Lab. The AI-focused research and development arm was first established in 2016 to serve Bytdans’ content services such as Douyin, the Chinese version of TeakTalk, but it is unnatural for the lab to see its access to pharmaceuticals, which is based on machine learning. Technologies can benefit from power short video feeds.

Bytes AI Lab’s description stated, “Looking at the areas of research in AI, applications of these new technologies can be found in each segment of our product portfolio.” Website.

All five drug discovery research positions require a PhD degree in relevant subjects, such as computer science, mathematics, computational biology, and computational chemistry. According to the posting, candidates will work on drug development such as design, detection and simulation.

ByteDance is not immediately accessible for comment.

Other Chinese tech behemoths have taken similar steps in the health space. Tencent’s own AI-powered pharmaceutical team, also under the firm’s AI lab, has been actively publishing findings since at least August 2019. Baidu plans to raise $ 2 billion for a new biotech startup focusing on drug discovery and AI-driven diagnostics, Reuters Reported in September. Huawei has made efforts in drug discovery as well as medical imaging through a cloud computing unit.