This new module keeps Philips Hue bulbs connected even when the wall switch gets flipped – TechCrunch

The Philips Hue bulbs are very luxurious, but they have one mortal enemy: the humble light switch. If you find a Hue bulb tied to a standard light switch, flipping that switch means that the Hue bulb loses power completely … as well as controlling the bulb through your phone or voice assistant As with any fancy trick.

A few solutions exist for this, but mostly for some with something more smart, the question involves swapping the switches. Prompt this morning (the company formerly known as Philips Lighting) announced an official solution that works with your existing switches, whether with a cavate or two.

Called the “wall switch module”, it is expected to ship later this year – spring if you’re in Europe, or summer if you’re in North America. Once wired, it turns your existing light switch into something more like a Hue controller, allowing it to toggle between different light presets instead of just cutting power.

At $ 40 each (or $ 70 for a 2-pack), it’s … not cheap. Add to the fact that it is powered by a battery (presumably removing the need for a neutral wire and simplifying installation) with an estimated lifespan of ~ 5 years, this is probably not something you would implement from house to house. Want to do But for a single light switch or two, it seems like a decent solution.

If you want to expand your collection, the company also announced some new Hue accessories:

  • The revised version of its portable dimmer switch, which will ship in February, will cost $ 25. Separate singles are becoming a toggle on / off button, and a “hue” button is being added so that you can trigger a specific lighting scene.
  • A new light bar, Philips Hue amaranth, meant to be outside and mounted on the ground or an overhang. It will ship in North America in March, and will cost $ 170 (although you’ll also need an external Hue power supply box, which will add $ 60- $ 70 to the price if you don’t already have one.)