This is the new interior of Tesla’s Model S and Model X – TechCrunch

The Model S will get some significant changes in its interior this year. After months of rumors, Tesla confirmed modifications to some images released ahead of its quarterly earnings call to be held later this afternoon.

Some changes – such as shifting to the widescreen display – are things that have made their way onto the Model 3. Others are completely new.

()Update: Tesla has updated its website with fresh ordering pages indicating that the Model X SUV will also receive modifications below!)

Here we have seen so far:

An airplane-style steering is similar to the “yoke” (seen in the prototype of Tesla’s new Roadster rather than the standard round wheel).

Image Credit: Tesla

The front center screen is now a 17 now widescreen display instead of the 17 portrait tall / portrait display. Meanwhile, the resolution is shifting from 1900 × 1200 to 2200 × 1300.

Image Credit: Tesla

In addition to the 12.3 display driver display above the steering yoke, it now also has an 8 .3 display at the rear (presumably so passengers can display the car’s built-in games in the back, as displayed.)

Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s earnings call is scheduled to begin in the Pacific at 3:30 pm. If they mention changing anything else about the interior, we will update this post.