The owner of Anki’s assets plans to relaunch Cozmo and Vector this year – TechCrunch

Good robots don’t die – they simply have their property sold to the highest bidder. Digital Dream Labs Went there Sweep ip In view of Annie’s premature transplant in 2019, the Pittsburgh-based EdTech company initially planned to relocate Vector and Kozmo at some point in 2020, Kickstarter campaign In March of last year.

The company eventually raised $ 1.8 million at the crowdfunding site, and today Announced plans to give on overdue relaunch, Courtesy of a new distributor.

“There is a tremendous demand for these robots,” Jacob Hacker said in a release. “This partnership will complement the work that our team is already doing to move these products and ensure that Cozmo and Vector are on the shelves for the holidays.”

I don’t doubt that a lot of people are looking to get their hands on robots. Cozmo, in particular, was well received, and sold reasonably well – but ultimately (and despite a lot of funding), the company could not avoid the fate that would harm many robotics startups Is delivering

It will be fascinating to see how these will look when these machines are set up again. Anki put in tremendous resources to bring the robot to life, including hiring former Pixar and DreamWorks employees to make the robot more lifelike. A lot of thought went into giving the robot a different personality, while, for example, Vector’s new owners are making the robot open-source. Cozmo, meanwhile, will have programmable functionality through the company’s app.

This can certainly be an interesting game for the STEM market that companies like SPRO are coming up with. It has become a fairly crowded place, but at least Anki’s new owners are building on top of a solid foundation, with attractive and emotionally complex toy robots built by their predecessors.