The most-anticipated video games of 2021

2020 was a year for gaming – well, it was a year for everything, but at least it wasn’t too bad in terms of gaming. We got four new consoles from two major companies, and we got many great games.

However, we thought that many games were going to delay us in 2021. While this year sucked for us, it means that we are ready to move forward with many more games in 2021. Here is the list of sports that we are looking forward to in the coming year.

Note that I only include games that have at least some obscure release windows in 2021. The ones i like had to leave Far Cry 6 Because it is delayed and there is not a new release window. I know they can still delay (or delay again in the case of some of these), but I hope we will see at least some of these by this time next year. And if anyone is wondering where God of war The sequel is, I’m believing in him, until he stops going around and gets a proper title.

Hello infinite

First “List of games we should have already, damn you 2020” Hello infiniteThe next adventure of Armor-bedded Master Chief. 343 Industries is left with little understanding of the exact details of his next adventure, but by now the chiefs have gone on to fight Banisad, an endangered group captured mainly by the missing, Halo Ring .

I’m looking forward to it, because I want to play again as Master Chief (although that grappling hook looks exactly like Sick), But because I am eager to play a game that can properly test the hardware of the Xbox Series X. Things happened according to plan, this is the role Endless Probably would have served in the launch line-up, but as it is, the slot was too empty.

Resident evil village

Like the clockwork, the Resident Evil series only holds together. While the last two years have remake us RE2 (Which was excellent) and RE3 (Which was fine), the new game is titled the 25th anniversary of the series village. Unlike the previous installments, this gives us a touch of the supernatural, as RE7 hero Ethan gets trapped in the titular village, which can only be described as “zombie-werewolf-looking things”.

RE7 broke with the series tradition for much of its time by focusing on entirely new characters rather than the main protagonists of Redfield-Kennedy-Valentine, etc. Of course, the original protagonist Chris Redfield out of that game’s DLC He played a part in one, but he was not the star of the show. Now, however, the village teaser means that good ol ‘Chris can actually be Villain In this outing, and this is a turn I’m looking forward to seeing.

Vampires: Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Another in the list of games which was the sequel to the cult classic delayed until 2021 Bloodiness The easiest production has not taken place. But in the final report, we should find it sometime in 2021. From the looks of it, it aims to offer the full role-playing experience the first game offered, as well as some things the original development team had to leave.

The material prior to release suggests that the main character will have to work his way up from under the Kinderred society in Seattle, and you’ll be able to choose which dark factions to support. It is a bit disappointing that some of the titular bloodlines – namely, Nosferatu and Gangrel – will not make it into the release version of the game, although it is rumored that it will be added as DLC later.

Hitman 3

The next installment in Agent 47’s globe-hopping killing spree will be one of the first offerings of 2021, releasing on January 20. Not only will it be one of the first games in the series to arrive on a Nintendo console. (Switch), but it will be fully playable especially in VR, PSVR.

This will conclude the reboot trilogy from early 2016 Hitman, And it looks like the same type of stealthy, secret murder xenigans the series is known for. While the first game (2016 game, I mean) was released in one episode, Hitman 3 Thankfully that show is done.

Monster Hunter Uday

Monster hunter world It was such a huge success, it is no surprise to see the series return. Unlike its predecessor, it will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and is set to launch on March 26. The art design of this game appears to follow a more Asian aesthetic than previous games in the series.

The title “Rise” is based on the game’s vertical level design, which you can overcome through the Game in Grappling system. like world, It would facilitate a seamless open world rather than separate levels. And I would agree with my fiancé’s opinion that the most interesting part of the new game is something we’ve been wanting for a while: Mt.

Bravely default 2

I’m throwing this one because I’m inordinately fond bravely Default The series and I are waiting for each other. Most recent bravely Default The game was revealed last year and is scheduled to release on 26 February.

The name of this game is a bit confusing: we already have a direct sequel to Bravery Default, called Bravery Second: End Layer. what’s more, Bravely Default II I seem to be following completely new characters, so I’m a bit confused. But it will be fun to dive once again into this magnificent JRPG.

Horizon barred west

Did i call it or Did i call itThe Sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn PlayStation was one of the major titles to be revealed for 5, and while it is not a launch title (technical), it marked the return of redheaded Archer Alloy. This word is his next adventure, Forbidden west, Will take place in post-apocalyptic California.

We haven’t seen any of the games other than the prerendered trailer, but if that’s anything to do, we’re going to see a selection of slightly more exotic locations than what we got. Zero don. It certainly seems designed to take full advantage of the PS5’s hardware, and it would be nice to show a game that’s capable of console.

Ratchet and Clank: Except Crack

Speaking of games that were meant to test the limits of PlayStation 5, the gameplay showcase Crack apart, Which showed the dictatorial pairing between many different realities, seems to do exactly this. Rumor has it that the lady shown in the trailer will be playable with Lombax Shaft.

We are more likely to get this game in the year than before Forbidden west. The gameplay looks like it will rest on the dimension-jumping mechanic, being able to grab the rift with the shaft and jump between them with the realities. There is a hope that with the PS5 SSD, the game will be able to switch between them with loading times.

Hogwarts: Legacy

Has a reputation Harry potter Writer JK Rowling is not good to say the least – so I wouldn’t blame anyone who doesn’t want to play the new game set in his literary universe on principle. However, if you are a lifelong Himachal Pradesh Fans and just want to enjoy more time at Hogwarts, then upcoming Hogwarts: Legacy Looks like it will itch and then scratch some.

The game is one of a game’s first serious attempts to portray the Wizarding World outside of Potter’s time. It looks like a full-fledged RPG, serving as your starting classes in Hogwarts’ homes. You will get complete magician school experience, learning spells, making potions and exploring the entire castle. This is basically everything we wish witches and sorcerers had since the books came out.


Medium Looks like one of the most promising horror games of 2021. This psychological agony adventure takes place in Poland, and is scheduled to launch on 28 January. To accept Ray village The next few weeks are not surprising, which means it will fill the January horror slot from years past Domestic rogue sport.

The titular main character’s point is that he can travel between the human and soul worlds as he wishes, and use his ability to solve riddles and discover the veracity of the hotel he is staying in. Can work for Bad organization called The Mav – that’s all Silent Hill, And it’s never a bad thing.

These and many more games will be grading our PCs and consoles when the new year hits. Happy Gaming to all of you!

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Published December 29, 2020 – 09:00 UTC