The Kalashnikov CV-1 was meant to kill Tesla and impress Putin — but where is it?

It is not uncommon in the tech world for new product concepts to never make it a reality. A plethora of ideas never even see the light of day and the mystical mysteries of boardrooms around the world remain.

However in other cases, companies are very keen before telling the world that ideas, concepts, and prototypes are nothing and exist only in the annals of history.

Today, I want to rearrange Annals and remind all of you about a little forgotten gem from Russia: the CV-1 electric car. The weapon is believed to have been made by the creator, Kalashnikov.

With an economy heavily dependent on oil and gas, Russia and low-emission vehicles do not go by hand. Many popular brands have not come out of the country.

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But there was the CV-1 moment, a spark of light in Russian history, which made us think that the future might be different and that the country would go on to create a fast and exciting electric car that seemed like capitalism would never produce. does not make.

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Credit: Kalashnikov