The Equity crew predicts what’s to come in 2021 – TechCrunch

What could have gone wrong?

Hello and welcome back Equity, TechCrunch’s venture-capital-focused podcast (Now on Twitter!), Where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. As you can see, this is our annual prediction episode. Our masters Chris gates Joins us on Mike, we take shots at our prior notifications, and pay attention to what we think is positively persecuted.

As always, this episode is in good fun. If you don’t agree then we think it’s further, that’s fine. Maybe you are right. But if we do nothing for a challenge, then we have kept the tradition alive this year.

This is the final equity episode of 2020. And until we can tell you what our plans are for 2021, we can say – nay, project – that a lot of fun and big things are coming to equity. We are planning our busiest year so far.

And with that, we’re out of here. Thanks to several million downloads this year, our biggest anniversary to date.

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