The Capitol Attack Doesn’t Justify Expanding Surveillance

They took ours The capital stormed the hall, mixed our documents, and broke the norms of our democracy. Wednesday’s attack will not cause permanent damage to the crowd itself, but how will we respond. Right now, a growing chorus demands that we use it Facial recognition, Cellphone tower data, And every method of aggressive surveillance to punish the mob. In the days following the attack, the airwaves are filled with former law enforcement officials who claim that surveillance is the answer, such retired CBI special agents Danny Coulson And Dug const. Even many who are critical of policing in general have jumped on the surveillance bandwagon in the desire to get justice. As can be understood that in this crisis the police have been given more powers, it would be a big mistake.

We do not need state-of-the-art surveillance drafts to find the perpetrators of this attack: they tracked themselves. They Trusted his hooliganism From the halls of Congress, recording every crime in full HD. We do not need facial recognition, landscape and cell tower data to find those responsibilities, we need police officers ready to do our job.

It is difficult to tell how images from the Capitol were jerked. Not violence from Republican rioters, but police inaction, even complexity. After a quarter-century of activism, I have counted how many times I have arrested, beaten and vilified color workers and progressives.

Those speaking out against injustice are met with brutality. But when millions of Americans face violence to protest legally, white conservatives can bend and break the law. We saw the same failure: Not a mad rush Co-operative police who were willing to look the other way or even pose for a coup selfie.

This is nothing new in American history, but it is rarely so clearly captured. This is our history, similar to the countless authorities who turned a blind eye to the racist Lynch mob of the past, or even shook hands. It is this racism that has targeted BIPOC communities for many generations. And it should also be a spur-of-the-moment moment for the American police, not to give them greater respect and power.

This is why it is now very disappointing for pundits to hear the call for even greater powers for the authorities investigating the attack. PBS Newshore anchor Hari Srinivasan tweeted “The protesters who attacked the Capitol – who don’t believe in wearing Kovid or masks … should be easy to identify with any recognition.” but why? Many of those who entered the Capitol Gave the press their namePost their photos on social media, and keep bragging about their crimes. He broadcast his statements to the world. Officers should be able to arrest these attackers with DVRs and anything more sophisticated than a tip line.

If we give in the statement that we need new aggressive measures to settle the matter, then we will only accelerate the development of a national security state which failed to protect us from white extremists. Before, there was a Increasing national movement to ban facial recognition, Along with cities across the country to ban the technology. Today, in the wake of this attack, some people are justifying this biased and aggressive technique, but we should not reverse it.

An old lawyer says: “Bad facts give you bad law.” And there are probably no worse facts than those revealed on 6 January. But if we respond by giving the police more powerful tracking tools, we know that they will turn them into the same BIPOC communities they always target. For the police engaged for the protection of our Capitol, the concern is not that they had very little power, it is that they lack the will to use against white traditionalists.

Instead, Congress should draw out a very different lesson. Instead of responding to these attacks with a new mandate for expanded policing powers, we need to expand our civil oversight. Over the years, we have done little to remove police discrimination, even when we saw it taking the lives of so many black Americans. Today, we see that the price is even higher: the Republic itself is threatened by our inordinate policing.