The Biggest Video Game Surprise Hits of 2020

A gorgeous, life-giving world with greenery and lush landscapes? Check. Freedom to go anywhere and do whatever you want? Double check. An anime style hero worked to find his missing twin after being separated during his journey to distant lands? Triple check.

The developer Genshin impact He had everything he needed to become a big hit, and potential players were initially drawn to its anime beauty and grand animation. But it seemed quite familiar – some would say, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, For cooking, coping, and exploration.

whereas Genshin impact It shares many similarities with Nintendo’s increasingly popular Zelda sequel, reducing it to its own effect to write as a “copycat” game. In reality, it is a wide world, with new areas and content quests, satisfying combat, challenging puzzles, and a piece that can hold anyone back longer.

There is a reason that this earning is over More than $ 393 million On mobile devices, where it debuted in just two months, making it the second largest mobile game in history. Not bad for “anime game”, a derogatory phrase spelled out on many Genshin impact In a bid to undermine its success. While it is free-to-play, it is not the same as other games in the genre, and it is truly free, if you keep enough in the world, not only can you reach a satisfying endgame, but you can also play Tevyat Let’s collect all the available characters to explore the fictional world.

whereas Genshin impact Available across multiple platforms including PC and console, such a beautiful, smooth game can come to life on mobile and offering such an all-inclusive experience is nothing short of amazing. Perhaps the only thing that should really surprise about its success is that people are not yet tired of listening to fellow character Paiman – that can be a bit of a hassle.

among us

Courtesy of InnerSloth

Did you hear Can’t understand how or why Innersloth online multiplayer game among us It is basically very difficult to reach heights in 2020. No one could have anticipated that this baseless game would reach such heights of popularity, especially since it was initially released two years ago in 2018.

The setup is simple: four to 10 players gather in a spaceship. In this dubious game of werewolf, a handful of players are chosen “eunuchs” for each round. Across the three maps, regular players, called “crewmates” (they resemble pudgy astronauts with some unmistakable features), are asked to complete a series of tasks around the ship. Imposters must complete concurrent tasks with “real” players, although their job is to sabotage the crewmate progress and even kill them. It is to consider whether one of the team is actually an eunuch or all of the crewmates have been eliminated before a successful sabotage is completed.

It is simple to understand, but in any game with a social element, it is very difficult to win, given that every new game is different, with human players arriving in different ways. The game had a short chase in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020 that streamers such as Sodopopin, Pokémonne, XQC, Shroud, Ninja, and PeavDP finally jumped on board to showcase their adventures with the game.