Text marketing startup Voxie raises $6.7M – TechCrunch

Like many startups, Atlanta-based Voxie Was created to solve a problem which Bogdan Konstantin, the founder and CEO, faced himself.

In Konstantin’s case, it was (eventually) in his previous Tuxado rental startup Mengin Acquired by Generation Tux), where he stated that he had to market a product with a sales cycle of six to nine months, as customers were usually weighing various options for their weddings.

Email marketing, Constantin said, would result in “worse and worse” open rates over time. So one day, he decided to try to get everyone to sign up, introducing himself as “your personal stylist here at Penguin”. Not surprisingly, she received very high responses.

Undoubtedly, the challenge is those types of text conversations to a large customer base. And this is the reason Voxie – which is announcing that it has raised $ 6.7 million in Series A funding – provides tools to help businesses automate and manage that process.

Constantin claimed that compared to other text marketing tools, messages sent via Voxi feel like real, personal conversations – even though 80% to 90% are actually automated, with messages written by the rest of the people . Also, Voxie will allow businesses to send their messages with the usual 10-digit phone number (instead of the five-digit common digit used for marketing).


Image Credit: Voxie

Voxie was initially built for large enterprise customers, but Constantin said that during the epidemic, the company created a low-cost version, now being used by “a lot of retail, restaurant franchise brands, Main Street brands” Who are still struggling. “

He added, “We’re working with brands that have hundreds of locations across the country that needed a better way to engage their customers – to ask their names, ask them how many children they had And store that information at the personal profile level. “

Current Voxie customers include LG, Danone, Massage Heights and Buff City Soap.

Meanwhile, funding was headed Noro-Moseley Partners, Atlanta entrepreneurs Wayne Kelum, Andy Powell, David Cummings and Fred Castellucci, along with the involvement of Circadian Ventures and Engage Ventures.

John Elle of Noxo said in a statement, “Voxi leads the market as the only platform that allows for large-scale personal interactions with customers, which we believe are important to its target customers Will happen.” . “Businesses love Wexi because they see meaningful revenue uptake quickly and personalization of content means that customers find the messages useful and highly relevant to their needs.”

Subsequently, Constantin said that the company would launch a “buy to answer” functionality, allowing customers to order directly from their text conversations. And while Voxy is currently focused on SMS messaging, he claimed that its vision is broader: “We want to deliver the right message through the right medium at the right time.”