Tesla is willing to license Autopilot and has already had “preliminary discussions” about it with other automakers – TechCrunch

Tesla is open to licensing its software, including its autopilot high-automatic driving technology, and neural network training has made it to improve its autonomous driving technology. Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed those thoughts on the company’s Q4 earnings call on Wednesday, stating that the company has actually already had “some preliminary discussion about licensing Autopilot to other OEMs.”

The company began rolling out its beta version of the so-called ‘full self-driving’ or FSD version of Autopilot late last year. The standard autopilot features available in the general release provide advanced driver assistance (ADAS) that provides advanced cruise control capabilities designed primarily for use in highway traffic. Musk said on the call that he expected the company to try to prove its FSD capabilities before entering any licensing agreement if it paved that path.

Musk noted that Tesla’s “philosophy is certainly not to create walled gardens”, and pointed out that the company plans to allow other automakers to use its supercharger network, as well as its autonomous software is. He portrayed Tesla as “more than happy to license” those autonomous technologies “to other car companies”.

Tesla’s technology is capable of demonstrating a true technological capability to provide a standard human driver to infect the neural networks working in cars and provide them with the analysis to reach a point where Is a major technical barrier required for. For those videos. It is a full-stack transition across the system, removing it around trained neural nets on single cameras and single frames.

To this end, the company has developed video labeling software, which “has had a huge impact on the efficiency of labeling”, with the ultimate aim being to enable automated labeling. Musk (who is not known for his humility about his company’s accomplishments, it must be said) believes Tesla to be “the best neural mesh training computer in the world, possibly by an order of magnitude. “Also adding that this is” something “we can offer as a service. “

Musk said, training huge amounts of video data will help Tesla increase the reliability of its software from 100% to 200% and ultimately “2,000% better than the average human”. T is a technological achievement that the company is interested in maintaining itself.