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Wire Will introduce ads, TikTok’s parent company is moving forward in drug discovery and President Trump continues his fight against Section 230. This is your daily crunch for December 23, 2020.

Big story: Telegram prepares for demonetization

Telegram founder Pavel Durov said that the messaging app will be Start advertising next year Public to multiple channels. Durov wrote on his Telegram channel that the advertising platform would be “a user-friendly one that respects privacy and allows us to cover server and traffic costs.”

He pointed to the premium stickers in another way that Telegram could monetize, while stressing that existing features would remain independent and that they would not support showing ads in private chats.

In addition to discussing the company’s demonetization plans, Durov said that Telegram is liaising with 500 million users.

Tech giants

Nicola’s stock crashes after announcing the cancellation of a contract with Republic Services for 2,500 garbage trucks – This is the new deal for Nicola, as it tries to patch up after recent disastrous reports.

Tikoto parent bydans hiring for AI drug discovery team – “We are seeking candidates to join our team and conduct cutting-edge research in drug discovery and manufacturing powered by AI algorithms,” the company said in a job posting.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Chinese autonomous driving startup WeRide bags $ 200M in funds – The new funding will see Vireide joining hands with 57-year-old company Yutong to see autonomous driving minibuses and city buses.

Vyzer Space Holdings to acquire majority stake in commercial space leader Nanorax – Nanorax provided the Bishop airlock which was installed on the International Space Station.

Honk has introduced a real-time, short-term messaging app aimed at Gen Z – Instead of sending texts to zero and expecting a response, friends on Onc communicate through messages that are shown live by your typed.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

Dear Sophie: What’s next for American immigration in 2021? – Sophie Alcorn weighs in on US visas and green cards.

Looking ahead to the 2020 epic M&A competition – This year, four deals involving chip companies on their own amounted to over $ 100 billion.

Title in 2021: Venture funding, liquidity and everything bubble – Alex Wilhelm Last Column of the Year.

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Everything else

Trump repeals major defense bill citing section 230 – President Trump has vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act of $ 740 million, a major bill that allocates military funds each year.

XRP cryptocurrency crashes after announcement of SEC suit against Ripple – The value of the XRP token has dropped by more than 42% in the last 24 hours.

TaskRabbit resetting customer password after finding ‘suspicious activity’ on its network – The company later confirmed that the activity was a credential stuffing attack, where existing access sets or breeched usernames and passwords match different websites to access accounts.

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