Tecera launches with $225M to fund cloud consulting firms – TechCrunch

As we move deeper into the cloud-centric world, everything was going to be easier, but there are actually a lot of moving parts, and companies need help to get everything to work. It helps people with a special set of skills to integrate, manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments and get the data as per your requirement.

Tekera, A new venture capital firm launching today wants to attack this problem by investing in companies that can act as assistants and advisors. In a world where venture capital mostly moves towards software and hardware, this is a different investment thesis.

Chris Barbin, the founder and CEO at Tecera, knows a lot about it. He was one of the founders AprioA consulting firm founded Cloud Computing in 2006, as we know it today was getting off the ground. His former company had the foresight and foresight to start a firm to help him use new tools such as Salesforce, Google, Workday and AWS. Wipro bought the company After raising more than $ 117 million for $ 500 million in 2016, according to Crunchbase data.

Barbin believes that today, the level of complexity has only increased, and whatever he calls this people power to do the work, there will be an increasing need for it, and it takes a special kind of investor. “There has been a rash of investment activities in professional services-based companies over the years, but there has never been an investment firm that specifically focuses on these types of businesses,” explained Barbin.

During the firm’s research phase, the founders identified major platform companies such as Salesforce, Twilio, Snowflake, Datadog, and Cloudfare, and they estimate that there are between 7500 and 10,000 consulting companies supporting such companies. “The firm’s goal is to help build a kind of powerhouse for those budding people [platforms], Or a firm or two that is actually a collection of [SaaS platforms] In his toolkit, ”he said.

The company will target established firms with revenues of between $ 5 to $ 20 million, with aspirations to grow to millions, and exclude capital investment of $ 5 to 20 million per condition.

The firm is just getting started, but plans to have 8 employees by the middle of the year. Barbin indicated that at least one investment was already in the pipeline, but was not yet ready to provide details.