Symbio is working with Toyota and Nissan to increase robotic assembly efficiency – TechCrunch

Bay Area-based AI startup Symbio today announced an “official launch”. Backing a total of $ 30 million in funding, the company has signed deals with both Nissan and Toyota to implement their software in US-based factories.

The company says that its SymbioDCS technology is capable of dramatically increasing automation with factory robots on the assembly line.

“For the end customer, the offer is very straightforward,” CEO and co-founder Max Reynolds tells TechCrunch. “We are improving the efficiency of their automation. High-level goals are to increase factory capacity and enable them to produce more products, more quickly, more flexibly. “

The company closed the $ 15 million Series B in December last year. It adds $ 12 million to Series A in 2018, $ 2.5 million seeded two years ago and $ 500,000 pre-seeded. The latest round was led by ACME Capital, which included current investors Andreessen Horowitz, Eclipse Ventures and The House Fund.

Image Credit: Symbio

Professor Ana Dragon of UC Berkeley said in a statement, “Instead of providing automation solutions, Symbio is also designing tools that allow developers and domain experts working in manufacturing to build their automation solutions and ease into new tasks Able to adapt. ” News. “To do this, they are building products that leverage AI strengths and human insights in a symbiotic way.”

Founded in 2014, the company employs approximately 40, mostly engineers, largely based in California. Reynolds explains that the current level of automated manufacturing in automotive is actually much lower than expected. “Assembly is less than 5% automated across the board,” he says. “Even in this vertical, there is a ton of headroom and growth opportunity.”