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A newly launched Mac App Superpowered It is easy to stay on top of all your zoom calls and Google Meets without having to search for a meeting link in your inbox or calendar app at the last minute. Instead of relying on calendar reminders, Superpowered provides a notification inbox for the Mac menu bar that alerts you just before the online meeting starts, which you can add with the click of a button.

To use superpowered, you must first Download application Then authorize it to access your Google Calendar. The app currently works with any Google account, including G Suite, as well as your subscribed calendars.

Once connected, Superpowered pulls all your events into the menu bar, which you can view at any time throughout the day using a click or keyboard shortcut command + Y.

When you have a meeting, Superpower will display a drop-down notification to notify you, or you can opt for a more subtle halo effect instead of drawing your attention. You can also configure other preferences – such as whether you want a chime to sound, how far in advance you want to be alert, whether you want a meeting as text to appear in the menu bar Want a meeting reminder and so on.

When it is meeting time, all you need to do is click on the button displayed to join your zoom call or Google Meet. The solution is simple, but effective. The startup plans to add support going forward, including Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx and others.

The idea for the application comes from four computer science and software engineering students at the University of Waterloo, who were previously interns at tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Asan and Spotify.

Team photo. Image Credit: Superpowered

Wanting to build a startup of their own, the team applied for the accelerator Y Combinator with the idea of ​​creating a lecture platform for professors. But he soon faced issues with noticing his own calendar appointments as he began conducting user research interviews.

“We struggled to keep up with each other’s calendars and balance all these meetings throughout the day,” explains Superpowers co-founder Jordan Dearsley. “We’ll be at lunch and be like, ‘Oh shoot, we’ve just had a meeting – I have to run!” Or just completely miss it, ”he says.

Irfan had the idea of ​​placing a button in the Mac menu bar to make it easier to join Zoom meetings, and soon the team set out to work on Superpower instead.

The product itself is very new. About two months ago and development work started at SuperPower Opened to users only last month – A quick pace that Darely says was possible because three of the four team members are engineers, and the other, Yang, is the designer.

Image Credit: Superpowered

Although it is a paid product offered at $ 10 per month, Superpowered already has hundreds of users who, on average, are interacting with the app 10 times per day. Busier users, like product managers, are clicking on Superpowered 20 to 40 times per day – a sign that it has found a place in users’ workflows. In the month since launch, the app has connected users with more than 10,000 online meetings, the company says.

Superpower is not the first to add calendar appointments to the Mac’s menu bar. It competes with a range of products, such as The meeting, to be met, Next meeting And others. But users are responding to the superpower’s brilliant, clean design.

The company also has a vision for the future of the product that extends beyond meetings. After resolving this particular pain point, Superpower plans to broaden its scope for knowledge workers to fix other troubles – for example, slack notifications.

“It’s really annoying being pinged all the time when I’m coding … and I don’t know if it’s something that’s worth watching because Slack doesn’t really give me those controls or the ability to peek Is, ”explains Dyersley. Meanwhile, the Mac’s built-in information center isn’t smart enough to show you just the items you really need to know about.

To address this, the team is now working on a Slack integration, which will let you quickly check your messages and replies without launching the Slack app. Further down the road, the team wants to integrate support for other platforms – such as Google Docs, JIRA and GitHub – which will all be pulled into SuperPower’s universal notification inbox.

At the moment, Superpower is $ 10 per month for Mac users or $ 8 per month for those who sign up with the team. Annual pricing is not yet available.