Stripe reportedly joins the tech platforms booting President Trump from their services – TechCrunch

At this point it may be easy to ask what technology platforms President Donald Trump can still use.

Payment processing company strip Is the latest tech company to remove Donald Trump from his platform, According to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

This means that presidential campaign websites and online fundraising weapons will no longer have access to the services of payment processors, cutting the Trump campaign from receiving donations.

Sources told the Journal that the reason for the company’s decision was a violation of the company’s policies against encouraging violence.

The move came as the President remained largely silent through official channels at his disposal in view of the riots in the Capitol Building last week.

While Trump has remained silent, technology companies are busy repeating the president’s support Cutting access to a range of services.

President’s demotion Trump has effectively removed Trump from all social media outlets including Snap, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify and TikTok.

Technology companies that do most financial transactions online have also blocked the president. Shopify And Paypal President Trump was one of the first to take action against extremists among the supporters who participated in the riots.

As we wrote earlier this week, PayPal is gone Deactivating accounts of some groups of Trump supporters Who were using money-transfer fintech to coordinate payments to reduce rioters’ action on Capitol Hill.

The company has actually been actively taking steps against far-right activists for some time. Following the Charlottesville protests and the riots in 2017, the company A group of far-right organizations banned. The ban has not yet reached the President directly as to what TechCrunch can shine.

on Thursday, Shopify announced that it is removing the storefront For both the Trump campaign and Trump’s personal brand. This is a development on policy for the company, Which year ago said that it will not moderate its platform, But in recent years some controversial stores have been removed, such as Some right wing shops in 2018.

Now, Stripe has joined action against the president, cutting off an attractive source of income for his political work.

As the Journal reported, the Trump campaign launched a fundraising blitz to raise money for lawsuits brought by the president against states around the country. The trial was almost all defeated, but the effort was brought in millions of dollars For the Republican Party.