State Department reportedly orders diplomats to stop posting on social media after U.S. Capitol riots – TechCrunch

Trump’s pro-rioters ordered the department to stop diplomats from posting on social media after committing uproar in the United States capital. Report cnn, Citing three diplomatic sources. Diplomats abroad were also asked by the Under Secretary for Public Affairs to remove the content destined for Facebook, Houtsite and Twitter, and until the planned social media posts were suspended from the main accounts of the State Department.

According to CNN, diplomats are usually asked to stop social media posts after a terrorist attack or major natural disaster.

In the United States until Wednesday late evening, the main State Department Twitter Account Had only retweeted a thread by Secretary of State Michele Pompeo in which he said “the storm of the US Capitol is unacceptable today.”

So far, official Instagram accounts State Department’s Instagram And Pompeo And the State Department Youtube No post has been made in the capital after the riots, while the State Department Facebook page Posted a post repeating Pompeo’s Twitter thread.

TechCrunch has contacted the State Department for comment.

Social media platforms scrambled to react after an extraordinary and terrible Day of violence resulting in the death of four people. On Wednesday afternoon, rioters disbanded the Capitol, as electoral votes were being counted, forcing MPs ( The joint session was later reorganized).

On Wednesday afternoon, Twitter required President Donald Trump to delete three tweets and shut down his account for twelve hours, stating that he was permanently suspended for future violations of his Civic Integrity policy will be given. Facebook and Instagram announced that the president would stop posting to their accounts for 24 hours and begin blocking content posted on the #StormTheCapitol hashtag.