Starchive doesn’t just keep your files. It’s the cloud storage option that content creators need

TLDR: This lifetime subscription to the 1TB Starchive Cloud Storage scheme provides instant, secure and fully curated and stored access to all your files.

Content creators make. They can’t help it. It is who they are but they are a writer, a filmmaker, an artist, or a multi-hyphenate who does all of this, all the content they create starts to pile up.

Research documents, raw video, recording session tracks, and other work products can take a fair amount of digital space. However, it is tempting to push all those files to a cloud storage account, which does not make it easier to find the things you need later.

Starchive cloud storage There is not just a cloud storage option for creative people. It is a carefully crafted archival system, designed to allow users to securely store, organize, search, and share each piece of digital content they want at their fingertips.

Unlike more traditional cloud storage providers such as Dropbox or Google Cloud, Starchive is an active partner in helping creators and sharing their tasks. Their advanced systems for organizing and preserving content are artists such as Bob Dillon, Carly Simon, and Roseanne Cash, as well as brands such as Volvo, Essen magazine, and the New York Philharmonic.

Whenever a piece of content is saved in starchive, the system makes it easy to tag all objects with all the correct metadata for later identification. In addition to custom fields to insert all its relevant indexing information, Starchive even sets loose artificial intelligence to identify items and automatically assigns tags.

With all that metadata, you’ll be able to search for any piece of content almost instantly, regardless of which file you put it into. Advanced search features can find anything you need in seconds, including full text searches of all your documents. . Meanwhile, tagging allows for the creation of collections, which collect all your content around a particular theme or theme, but without forcing users to physically reorganize their files.

Every file in Starchive can be instantly previewed or played from a web browser, or shared to friends, colleagues or customers. Content can also be posted directly to social media instantly with a few click courtesy of the Starchive app. And there is no need to upload or download that file sharing. Once you share a file, it is available to your chosen user in seconds, even if it is a file filled with hundreds of GB of high-definition video.

Starchive is game-changing tech for content creators and content sharers – and is also available at over 90 percent off the regular price. Right now, there is a 1TB individual plan from Starchive On sale for $ 96.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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