Square Off introduces a rollable connected chess board – TechCrunch

We are covering square off For a couple of CESes Now – ever since the connected chess startup competed in one of our pitches. The Mumbai-based startup is increasingly focusing on technology that allows users to play a physical chess game with opponents worldwide, including the new modular gaming system, Swap.

Today at CES, the upcoming arrival of a new rollable system has been announced, adding a level of portability to its offering. Apparently you lose some magic here – self-moving pieces have been sacrificed to bring a board that can be rolled up and smashed into a backpack for easy transport. This effect was a big part of the technology that made the technique so appealing at first.

Image Credit: square off

The system will still leverage Square Off’s existing AI and connected technologies, allowing people to play globally against competitors. Amidst the continuation of the isolation and growing interest in chess, Netflix has become wildly popular. Queen’s throne, It seems like an opportune time for a startup to launch a new product.

Unlike previous offerings, the company will not go through a crowdfunding site to launch it. Square Off is expected to bring the product to market around March, priced at $ 199.