SpaceX’s first paying moon flight customer wants to give away eight seats aboard his spaceship – TechCrunch

SpaceX’s (still in development) Yusaku Mezawa, the first paid passenger to travel in the starship spacecraft around the moon, has made a promise about his mission. It is still aiming for 2023 for the flight date, and the plan is still to fly a weeklong trip around the moon and back. Now, however, Maezawa is Looking for companions. The full passenger list will include 10 to 12 crew members, Majhiwa said in a video about the announcement, but eight will be selected from among the general public.

When the mission was first announced in 2018, Majhiwa said he wanted to bring six-eight artists with him as co-astronauts, to inspire them to create art based on experience . That approach has changed somewhat, as he says that he felt that anyone expressing any kind of creativity could be considered an artist. There are now two criteria for selection: first, what you can do by going into space, and second that you can support the rest of the crew.

Billionaire, serial entrepreneur and an artist Maezawa himself has paid for the entire trip, including eight passenger seats, which he will announce today for free.

Maezawa also detailed the procedure for selecting crew members in a new site. This includes pre-registration, which closes on 14 March, and then goes through a screening process that ends on 21 March. There is an assignment of some sort, which applicants are required to complete by March 21, and then an online interview component, followed by a final interview and medical screening to be held in late May.

All of the above timelines are subject to change, according to the application microsite. But once the team is selected, 2022 and 2023 will focus on training in flight preparation. There is also a hard flight plan for the mission now, which you can see in the graphic below. It is not very elaborate, but includes a timestamp and a scene indicating the set course that will actually loop around the moon and then return.

Image Credit: Darling

One thing that is notably absent from this call for passenger applications is the sick and certainly frightening call for the applicant to be Maziva’s “life partner”. She tried in 2020 to ask whether single women over 20 should apply for “match-making”, allowing her to choose a romantic ability to join the journey, and a documentary about the process To be a star in Idiot Reverse that strategy Before the end of the month in which he announced the plan.

This is not the only trip to space with an open application process, intended to give free seats, strangely enough. there also Inspiration4, an orbital mission that will use SpaceX’s Dragon (Which is already certified for human flight) and aims to take off by the end of 2021.

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