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Natasha And Danny And Alex And Grace Were here to chat through the week’s biggest tech events. It was yet another crazy week, but we tried our best to get as much of it as possible. Here you are studying with us, so here is the rundown!

  • Buying square tidal In a deal that has some skepticism, but one that we liked quite a bit.
  • How can you have your first check in 2021 And a sign for Indie.VC, a leader in alternative financing for startups that announced it was closing net new investment this year.
  • Oscar health IPO price above its increased limit, Which was good for it in terms of fundraising. However, the company has lost the height of pricing since its inception. This may be a new trend that mimics those of other public neo-insurance proves.
  • And sticking to the Insurtech beat, Hippo is going public through an SPAC. Because everyone else is?
  • Compass filed its S-1, Which sparked a debate on how it differed from OpenDoor.
  • Kaupung’s IPO Also coming, With massive growth, improving the beneficial picture, and a large-scale evaluation. This is one to see.
  • The grocery delivery startup was accompanied by an entire global news circuit Instacart valued at $ 39 billion.
  • And we cling together Surya Seed rounds That we found more than a little spicy. As it turns out, business deepfakes are not just on the way; They are here.

And with that we are back on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

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