Softbank, Demeter and Coparion invest $3M into Plan A’s B2B carbon monitoring and ESG platform – TechCrunch

Berlin-based automated SaaS B2B startup Plan A has raised $ 3 million for its platform, which allows companies to measure, monitor, reduce and report their environmental footprint thereby improving their ESG ratings . French vc Demeter Led the round with the German V.C. Copy And SoftBank joined the round as a strategic investor. The cash will be used to increase Plan A’s carbon emissions and ESG management software for enterprise customers in Europe, and for international expansion.

Some estimates put the market for emissions management solutions between $ 10 billion to $ 26 billion over the next five years. The US Green Deal and the new “EU Classification for Sustainable Activities” are pressuring businesses to manage their carbon emissions, leading to ride platforms like Plan A. Emitter UK has raised $ 3.4M and there is also Hydroelectricity. However, Plan A states that its platform is more comprehensive than other players because of the automation and monitoring of the company’s carbon production.

Founded in 2017, Plan A has managed to garner clients including Société Générale, GANNI, AlbionVC, BMW Foundation, BCG Digital Ventures and football club Werder Bremen.

Plan A co-founder and CEO Lubomila Jordanova said: “Plan A’s technology has transformed companies and enabled them to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage. We have been working for many years on developing the best in class technology, and this investment will allow us to advance our carbon and ESG management platform to the needs of enterprises worldwide. “

Olivier Bordelain, Partner at Demeter: “There is a high demand for B2B monitoring services and platforms that provide data-based insights on sustainability indicators or climate risk exposure of companies. Among the many companies offering carbon footprint measurements, we recently studied, Plan A and its team help businesses calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint through computation, monitoring and action. Stood out, positioning itself as a one-stop shop to do. “

Copperian’s partner, Alexander Lutege, said: “Plan A provides companies with an easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use SaaS solution for carbon footprint transparency, mitigation and offset. In our view, their solution is not only the most versatile product for automated emissions data collection in the market, it also creates transparency in emissions and cost structures, as well as an important value- for companies through the introduction of automated business process optimization. There is addition. “

Jordanova states that contestants calculate carbon footprints on a one-by-one basis, help with offsetting and then give a certificate for offsetting without doing further work. “We offer all of those services, but at the same time enable the company to reduce its carbon footprint and learn how to implement sustainability on an ongoing basis,” she told me.

Plan A is a good place to benefit from the new regulatory environment. The new US administration and the European Union have shifted their agenda significantly, requiring much greater transparency on reporting about emissions. In the Netherlands, more than 90 banks signed an agreement to create greater transparency on CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, the money is being divided by fossil fuels and has been converted into ESG investment. But of course, companies wishing to get that cash should be able to prove their emissions. This is where Plan A comes from.