Social platform veteran Sriram Krishnan is Andreessen Horowitz’s latest general partner – TechCrunch

Today, Mark Andreessen, founder of Andreessen Horowitz, announced that social media product veteran Shriram Krishnan will join the firm as its latest general partner.

Krishnan, whose previous roles include Stance on Snap, Facebook and Twitter, has garnered a high profile in recent weeks from his recurring audio show “The Good Time Show” on the clubhouse. His recent conversation with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, was a watershed moment for the budding app with a lot of new attention to audio chat platforms.

This announcement follows a report Information About the hire earlier this week.

Krishnan’s hire comes at an interesting point for Andreessen Horowitz, the firm at the center of a lot of nonsense among media circles about its “straight talk” content strategy. At the same time, a16z and its leadership have played a tough role in recent years against tech media in driving an extensive backlash between the founders and tech enthusiasts in its class. Krishnan has spent a lot of time over the years building his flirtatiousness with “take optimism” content with his interview newsletter “Theserser Effect”, “ His clubhouse shows and his prolific Twitter usage.

The widespread “tech pessimism” among media outlets is, I think, partly owed to an aggressive and vocal shift in thinking about the social responsibilities of social media platforms to the content they are exposed to globally Tend to moderate more aggressively. Some of A16z’s peers, a Facebook backer, have been more vocal in pushing these critics back, even executives from their portfolio companies seem more responsible for changing their thinking.

In his blog post, Andreessen notes that Krishnan will join the firm’s consumer team for inclusion in social sectors.

Krishnan, well-known in the Tekken circle, can play an important role in the firm as they make more social investments in a world where the effects of fast-growing consumer platforms have become more understood. The firm and its partners are throwing all their support behind the clubhouse in a vigorous push to promote the club, influencing the firm’s celebrity connections and the way the platform quickly picks up millions of new users. Krishnan’s direct operator roles, entangled by the product struggles of building the platform, will be an asset largely on account of responsibility, as the firm faces competition in a rapidly growing enterprise market.