Sirenum, a platform for managing shift and gig workers, raises a $2.7M Series A – TechCrunch

Sirenum, A platform to remotely manage shift-based workforce in industries such as railways, aviation, construction, and the gig economy, has raised a $ 2.7 million series. A funding round from new investors including former Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy, an Introdic Capital Foundation partner. Mark Horox and investment manager Bill Curry.

Sirenum says its subscription model platform simplifies the process of managing shift workers, including roasting and managing schedules, monitoring and processing key financial processes, including attractive staff and payroll. Its clients include Randstad, Impelum, Manpower and GI Group as well as specialist agencies such as TES.

The issue with shift workers is that they need to be in the right place at the right time and have paid the right amount. It is evident. Sirenum says that it allows employees to manage their time by accepting or rejecting shifts and checking their payroll at any time through the mobile app. The platform handles shift management, payroll, compliance and scheduling. The app also tracks workers ‘fatigue based on the UK’s health and safety guidelines, meaning employers can track employees’ wellbeing and adherence to compliance.

The product came about when Cyrenum founder Benjamin Rubin ran a staffing agency in London. He was on a honeymoon with his wife when he received a call that one of his employees had been hit by a train.

Thankfully, the staff was fine, but Rubin realized that to avoid being in the same position again, he needed a tool to be able to safely manage his staff in multiple locations. He developed the Sirenum product as a solution for his agency and in 2012 won a contract for the staff of the Olympic Stadium. In 2014 Cyrenum became a standalone product. It now boasts about 400,000 workers on the platform.

Its competitors include Tempabudi (owned by Bullhorn), Shiftboard and WorkAnn. Shiftboard has raised $ 16.9 million so far.