SecuriThings snares $14M Series A to keep edge devices under control – TechCrunch

Managing IoT devices in a large organization can be a messy proposition, especially when many of them are not directly managed by IT and are often integrated with many third-party systems. SecuriThings Wants to help with a platform for services to get everyone under control, and today the startup announced a $ 14 million Series A.

Aleph led the round with the participation of current investor FirstTime VC and several anonymous angels. According to Crunchbase data, the company has raised a total of $ 17 million.

Roy Dagan, the company’s CEO and co-founder, says he sees organizations with many different connected devices running on networks that are difficult to manage. Dagon told me that we enable organizations to safely manage IoT devices in an integrated and cost-effective manner.

This can include devices such as security cameras, as well as access control systems and building management systems that include thousands – or in some instances, tens – thousands of devices. “The technology that we create, we integrate with management systems, and then we deploy our capabilities. The focus is on edge devices. So that’s how we find tools too, and then our These have different capabilities to run on torrent devices or to obtain information from torrent devices, ”Degan reported.

SecuriThings Horizon - Screenshot - Device View

Image Credit: SecuriThings

The company has partnered with several major device manufacturers including Microsoft, Convergent Technologies and Johnson Controls. They work with a range of industries including airports, casinos and large corporate complexes.

Aaron Rosenson, general partner of lead investor Aleph, says the company is solving the big problem of managing innumerable devices inside large organizations. “By the time Securities came together, these large-scale enterprise software categories of automation, orchestration and observability had been created,” Rosenson said in a statement. He says that SecuiThings is pulling together for its customers.

The company was originally founded in 2016 with the idea of ​​being an IoT security company, and while they are still involved in acquiring these tools, their ability to communicate with them gives IT a lot of visibility and insight And provides the ability to update and manage them.

Today, the company has 30 employees, and with new investment it will double that number by the end of the year. Although Dagen did not cite specific customer numbers, he said he had dozens of customers with figures between five and seven.