Scrum Ventures launches new program to connect startups with Japanese corporations – TechCrunch

Makram Takahashi, president of Scream Studios

Makram Takahashi, president of Scream Studios

Headquartered in San Francisco and Tokyo, Scrum Ventures Known for its accelerator programs focused on sports, food and smart city technology. Today it announced the start of a new incubator program that will help startups by trading partnerships with Japanese corporations.

Called Scrum Studios, it will be outfitted as an independent body from Scrum Ventures, and will be headed by Masami Takahasi, formerly strategy officer and general manager for WeWork Japan. Prior to this, he led Uber’s operations in Japan.

Takahasi told TechCrunch that Scrum Studios is currently focused on startups in its current accelerator programs (Sports Tech Tokyo, SmartCityX and Food Tech Studios), but plans to launch new programs in the future that also center on specific verticals . Through Scrum Studios, startups will be able to set up subsidiaries in Japan, or form joint ventures with Japanese companies.

Scrum already has more than 50 Japanese corporate partners, including Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, energy company Idemitsu Kosan Co and East Japan Railway Company for Smart City X, and Fuji Oil Holdings, Nissin Food Holdings and ITO EN with Food Tech Studio Huh.

“We are looking to work with startups and technology that can help solve some of the challenges facing our society,” Takahasi said in an email. “These include but are not limited to the sustainability, health, safety, waste reduction and efficiency of cities and their people.”