Salesforce promotes former Vlocity CEO David Schmaier to president and CPO – TechCrunch

Last year I posted a post saying that Salesforce’s maturing tendency to buy venture companies not only provided new technology, but was helping to produce An illusion of executive talent.. However to prove its point, the company announced today that it is promoting former Vlocity CEO, David Schmayer as president and chief product officer.

Shamir came to the organization last year when Salesforce was Acquired his company for $ 1.33 billion. It seemed like a good match that Vlocity sold some financial services, health, energy and utilities for sale and solutions designed like government and nonprofits.

As a result, Shamir knew the product set and the company well. last June, He was named CEO of Salesforce Industries The division, which was formed after the Vlocity acquisition. The relationship with Shamir was clear as he told me during his campaign last year:

“I have been involved in various mergers and acquisitions over my 30-year career, and this is the most unique one I have ever seen as the products are 100% integrated beforehand as we built our six vertical applications on top of Salesforce. Platform. So they are already 100% Salesforce, which is really amazing. So he is going to make it so simple, “he said.

Brent Leary, the founder and lead analyst of CRM Essentials, says that Shamir’s history in building Vlocity makes this impetus much easier in the direction of the company, as well as the industry. “Over the past several years, we have seen how developing industry-specific solutions have become key players in the space, and the promotion of Shamir confirms how important work is for their platform. [and] For the future of Salesforce, ”he told me.

in A Q&A on the Salesforce website Announcing the promotion, Shamaire talked about the companies he faced in the past year. “There is no question 2020 was a challenging year. We are working in this all-digital, work anywhere from the world and things will not be back where they were, nor them. One of the silver linings is looking at what companies can do when there is no alternative and it is imperative to connect their customers in completely new ways, “

In his new position, it will be Shameyer’s job to explain how they will help him do so.

It is worth noting that recently there has been some business in C Suite in Salesforce. Just today the company also announced that long-time CFO Mark Hawkins was retiring. He will be replaced by Amy Weaver, formerly the company’s chief legal officer. Meanwhile, last week the company hired Ex. Clara Shih, co-founder and CEO of Hayers Social To run the Salesforce service cloud.