SailPoint is buying Saas management startup Intello – TechCrunch

CellpointAn identity management company that Went public in 2017, Announced it was being acquired wisdom Today, an early stage SaaS management startup. The two companies did not share the purchase price.

Sailpoint believes that helping its customers locate all the SaaS devices being used inside a company can help make IT a company safer. Part of the problem is that it is so easy for employees to deploy SaaS tools without knowledge of IT, and Intelo gives them more visibility and control.

In fact, the term ‘shadow IT’ evolved over the past decade, describing the ability of IT professionals to deploy software beyond their scope. With tools such as Intello, they can now find all of the SaaS tools and point employees to approved people, while discontinuing services may not leave security professionals willing to use people.

Grady Summers, EVP of the product at Sailpoint, says the problem has become even more pronounced during the epidemic, as many companies have become remote, making it even more challenging for IT to understand what SaaS equipment employees use. can do.

He added, “This has led to a rapid increase in unsolicited and unsafe data of greens that are being stored and shared within these apps. “With no visibility about the shadow’s reach within its organization, IT teams are more challenged to protect themselves from cyber risks,” Summer explained in a statement. He believes that with Intelo in the fold, it will help root out that uneven use and make companies safer, while also helping them understand that their in-laws spend better.

Intelo has always seen itself as a way to increase security and compliance and has partnered with other identity management tools such as Okta and Onlogin in the past. The company was founded in 2017 and raised $ 5.8 million according to Crunchbase Data. He was involved $ 2.5 million expanded seed In May 2019.

Tomorrow, another SaaS management tool, Torii, Announces $ 10 Million Series A.. Other players in the SaaS management space include Bettercloud and Blisslee, among others.