SaaS startup studio eFounders launches a fintech startup studio – TechCrunch

eFounders Is focusing its attention on creating another startup studio called Logic founder. This time, Logic founders are going to focus exclusively on fintech startups. Camil Tan (pictured above) is going to lead the new studio.

In the last ten years, eFounders has launched dozens of software-as-service companies that are trying to improve the way we work. Portfolio companies include Front, The Aircel And To spend.

Camille Tian previously co-founded PayPalog, a payment company acquired by Natixis (Group BPCE). He plans to follow the eFounders model centered around a new vertical. Logic founders will bring ideas for new startups. It will recruit two co-founders and start working on the product for the company’s first 12 to 18 months.

Ideally, the startup finds a fit in the product-market and raises a seed round after this initial stage. The startup studio holds a stake in the startup but moves forward so that it can focus on new projects.

If you are following eFounders closely, Startup Studio has already worked on several fintech companies, such as Spendesk, Overflow, Multis And Swain. The new Finitech projects will fall under the umbrella of Logic Founders.

The studio says it will launch an API-first financial product. It’s ride Embedded finance Trend – Many believe that financial products will be delivered by platforms that are not primarily focused on finance, but can benefit from fintech facilities. You can expect this from companies working on payment orchestration, asset securitization, lending APIs, crypto and B2B identities.