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Quibi’s The content will be live, Hyundai may partner with Apple and Donald Trump will return to Twitter. This is your daily crunch for January 8, 2021.

Big story: Roku Buys Quibi’s Content Library

If you are wondering what will happen to the QB shows like “The Most Dangerous Game” and “Chrissy Court”, don’t be surprised: They are stopping.

The streaming TV platform announced today that it has acquired global rights to Qubi’s content library, which it plans to bring to The Roku Channel, free and ad-supported, this year. It includes “more than a dozen” shows that never got a chance to stream on QBee before the app closed.

“The most creative and imaginative minds in Hollywood created groundbreaking content for Quoby that exceeded our expectations,” said Quib founder Jeffrey Katzenberg in a statement. “We are thrilled that these stories, from surreal to sublime, have found a new home on The Roku Channel.”

Tech giants

Hyundai Motor Company shares climb more than 20% on potential EV deal with Apple – Hyundai said that the discussion is still in the “early phase”.

Google’s plan to change tracking cookies goes under UK antitrust investigation – The Competition and Markets Authority of Britain said it was investigating “suspected violations of competition law by Google”.

Trump returns to Twitter with what sounds like a concession speech – President Trump had to wait only 12 hours before returning to the social network of his choice.

Startup, Funding and Venture Capital

Jobandtalent tops ‘$ as service’ workforce with $ 108M – The startup operates a double-sided platform that connects temporary workers with employers.

Detroit’s Ludlow Ventures Fund Goes For Four – The Detroit-based seed-stage firm is in the process of closing its fourth fund of $ 65 million.

Jumbotel raises $ 14.2M for its wholesale market in India – Jumbotel said it operates in over 30,000 neighborhood stores, known as rents in India.

Additional crisis advice and analysis

Vice Chancellor discusses gaming’s largest infrastructure investment opportunities in 2021 – Investors highlighted a number of areas for new opportunities, including specialized engines, next-gen content creation platforms, and tools to port desktop experiences to mobile.

What’s with the price of Tesla? – and a bunch of other shares for that matter.

Robox Gambit – So it turns out that Roblox is $ 29.5 billion.

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Everything else

Stolen computers are the lowest of the government’s security concerns – Solarwind breech is a bigger cyber security threat than any computer stolen during the pro-Trump riots on Wednesday.

Five reforms are necessary to create a truly cashless society – Convenience should not come at the cost of other aspects of commerce.

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