RedHat is acquiring container security company StackRox – TechCrunch

RedHat announced today that it is acquiring a container security startup StackRox . The companies did not share the purchase price.

RedHat, perhaps best known for its enterprise Linux products, has been making changes to the cloud in recent years. IBM bought the company in 2018 For $ 34 billion and is leveraging as part of that acquisition Hybrid cloud strategy changes Under CEO Arvind Krishna.

The acquisition fits well with RedHat OpenShift, its container platform, but the company says it will continue to support StackRox usage on other platforms including AWS, Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. Conforms to this view IBM’s Strategy to support multicloud, hybrid environments.

In fact, Red hat The president and CEO Paul Cormier see the two companies working well together. “Red Hat adds StackRox’s Kubernetes-native capabilities to OpenShift’s layered security approach, furthering our mission to bring product-ready open innovation to every organization in an open hybrid cloud in IT footprints,” he said in a statement said in.

Kamal Shah, CEO Writing in a company blog post Announcing the acquisition, explained that the company placed a bet on Kubernetes a few years ago and it has paid off. “Two and a half years ago, we made a strategic decision to focus exclusively Kubernetes And designed our entire product to be Kubernetes-original. While today it is clear; It was not so then. Fast forward to 2020 and Kubernetes has emerged as the de facto operating system for cloud-native applications and hybrid cloud environments, ”Shah wrote.

Shah sees procurement as a way to expand the company and road map more quickly using Red Hat’s (and IBM’s) resources, a typical argument from the CEOs of small acquired companies. But the trick is always finding a way to remain relevant within such a large organization.

The acquisition of StackRox is part of some consolidation that we are seeing in the Kubernetes space in general and the security space in particular. which consists of Palo Alto Networks acquires competitor Twistlock For $ 410 million in 2019. Another competitor, Aqua Security, which has raised $ 130 million, remains independent.

According to Crunchbase data, StackRox was founded in 2014 and raised over $ 65 million. Investors included Menlo Ventures, Redpoint and Sequoia Capital. The deal is expected to be subject to general regulatory scrutiny this quarter.