PUBG Mobile-developer invests $22.4 million in India’s Nodwin Gaming – TechCrunch

Developer of the popular gaming title PUBG Mobile, Crafton has invested $ 22.4 million in Indian esports firm Nodwin Gaming, the two firms said Tuesday, a South Korean firm that once wanted to maintain some presence in its major overseas market.

Nodwin gamingA subsidiary of local gaming giant Nazara has established itself as one of the largest export firms in India.

The Gurgaon-headquartered firm today works with several firms including Blizzard Entertainment, Valve, Riot Games, ESL to help them host events, provide commentary, production and license content, and make it available to brands and sponsors.

It said that Nodwin, which recently expanded to Africa, will deploy new capital to accelerate its growth in international markets.

Crafton and Knodwin have been at loggerheads for quite some time. The two companies announced last week that they would collaborate to organize two PUBG mobile events in Asia.

“Export will be a major pillar for the development of sports entertainment in the future. It sits at a wonderful crossroads of sports, entertainment and technology where countries like India can pave the way. With Crafton coming on board, we have a support from Gaming and Acesports – South Korea, on which we are building from India based on our potential in the mobile first markets for the world. Director of Nodwin Gaming, in a statement.

India PUBG Mobile banned And hundreds of other apps affiliated with China last year, citing cyber security concerns. Craftan has been Attempt to bring PUBG mobile back to India, But had no luck yet.

To acknowledge New Delhi’s concerns about users’ safety, Crafton said it was Cut ties with Chinese publisher Tencent. (Also one Global Cloud Deal With Microsoft.) Sean Hyunil Sohn, head of corporate development at Crafton, said at a gaming conference earlier this month: The firmWill work hard“To bring PUBG Mobile back to India, but did not elaborate.”

“Crafton is excited with NodeWin Gaming to help promote the ecosystem of promising and connect with our fans and players in India,” said Krafton CEO Chang’an Kim in a statement. “

“Taking momentum from this partnership, we will explore additional investment opportunities in the region to maintain our commitment and dedication to the cultivation of the local video game, export, entertainment and tech industries.”