PopSockets announces its MagSafe-compatible iPhone 12 accessories – TechCrunch

In October, TechCrunch Gave news He was developing his own line of PopSocket MagSafe-compatible products that would support the new wireless charging capabilities of iPhone 12 devices. Today, (virtual) 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, The company formally introduced its upcoming products for the first time. The new line will include three MagaSafe-compatible Popgrips, a wallet with an integrated grip and two mounts.

The first of these is the new PopGrip for MagSafe, which will magnetically attach to MagSafe-compatible cases for iPhone 12 devices.

The design of this PopGrip removes some confusion as to how a PopGrip (the round, popable dongle that people usually think of as “poppockets”) will work with a MagSafe device. Instead of attaching only to the base of the grip, the grip is integrated into a larger base that attaches to the case.

Image Credit: PopSockets

The grip, meanwhile, has a swappable top, so you can change the style of your popgrip whenever you want.

This grip will also be compatible PopSockets PopMount 2 phone mounts, including the new Popmount 2 for MagSafe, are introduced today.

PopMount 2 will launch as two solutions for MagSafe: PopMount for MagSafe Multi-Surface and PopMount for MagSafe Car Vent. As described by their names, both products will magnetically attach iPhone 12 devices at home or on the go.

Those who use the new PopGrip for the MagSafe grip will be able to release the grip, then attach the mount’s magnets to the base.

Image Credit: Popmount Multi Surface for MagSafe

Also new to MagSafe is an updated PopWallet +, a combination wallet and grip that allows users to carry up to three cards and now magnetically attach to MagSafe-compatible phone cases for iPhone 12 devices. The wallet has an elastic sock, so you can take out your cards without removing the wallet from the back of the device, and now includes a shield to protect the credit card from magnetic damage. Here the hold is also voluntary.

Image Credit: PopSockets

Image Credit: PopWallet + for MagSafe

Two versions of the popgrip slide are also available. One, the PopGrip Slide Stretch will feature arms that attach mechanically to the edges of most phone cases, including the iPhone 12 cases. You can slide this grip to the bottom of the phone to remove the grip to serve as a portrait stand or to attach the magSafe accessories.

Image Credit: PopGrip Slide Stretch for MagSafe

The PopGrip slide for the iPhone 12 is basically the same thing, but is designed to fit Apple Silicon cases for iPhone 12 devices, specifically.

The first of the new accessories to hit the market will be PopGrip for MagSafe and PopWallet + for MagSafe in spring 2021.

PopGrip Slide Stretch will launch on PopSockets.com on March 21 and select target locations ahead of an extensive rollout. The PopGrip slide will launch on May 1 in PopSockets.com and Apple stores. And Popmount 2021 for the MagSafe line will launch in summer.

The company also announced some other non-MagSafe products, including PopGrap Pocketable, which streamlines the grip when the surface collapses; PopGrip Antimicrobial, which contains a silver-based treatment for safety; And PopSoft x SOG PopGrip Multi-Tool, teamed with SOG Specialty Knife, which includes a popgrap with a detachable multi-tool.

The company did not “share an exact deadline in early 2021” for these products.